This site is a library‐of‐sorts of all the various things which I (Margaret Kibi a·k·a Allie Hart) have published on the internet.  It is not exhaustive, and many of the pages archived here were originally published elsewhere.  However, my hope is that having this central location for all my documents will help make them easier to maintain in the future.

Documents are organized by date originally published, which is not necessarily the date last modified.  (In rare cases, the actual publishing date may even vary slightly from the one listed.)  They are collected in Atom feeds and archives, which are transformed in‐browser via X·S·L·T 1·0 into a readable index for you to browse.  (It is not necessary for you to understand these technical underpinnings to use this site.)

Documents are presently available in the following categories:—

Most of the pages on this site, including the underlying Atom feeds, were written by hand in a simple text editor.  It is hosted via GitHub Pages, without use of Jekyll or other trimmings.  You can browse the source code here, which is primarily useful if you want to download the entire site in one go.

The name of this site, www.u2764.com, is a reference to a particular Unicode character, U+2764 ❤︎ HEAVY BLACK HEART.  This same character is used to represent the red (not black) heart emoji: ❤️.  This site has been previously known by the name JOURNAL: \u2764.

There exists a (sparse) links page for www.u2764.com.

Except where otherwise mentioned, documents hosted on www.u2764.com are copyright © the author and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License [🅭🅯🄎].