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My website
A bunch of older articles that I wrote as well as additional information about me. Infrequently updated.
Me on Fedi
If you use Mastodon, Pleroma, &c., you can follow me here.
My first foray into internet zinemaking.
My Patreon
Very infrequently updated, but if you like my work, you can support me monetarily here.
Journal : \u2764 on GitHub
You can download the full source code for this site here.

Similar Projects

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Cool Resources

Mutant Standard emoji
A very cool emoji set, licensed CC BY-NC-SA. Iʼve used them in various places on this site—if they made you smile, please consider leaving a tip on my behalf !
Style : \u2764
Stylesheets and samples from here and elsewhere that you can download and use in your own websites !

Other Sites

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